Sports Stats

Sports Stats is an algorithmic analytical tool for predictions of future football results.

Its algorithm is considering past team’s results, especially their mutual ones. Based on those data are calculated predictions of the upcoming match for the home team win, away team win, draw and not to lose of each of the teams.

A tool for football results Predictions

Use the Sports Stats Result Predictions tool to browse the football league’s past results or upcoming matches. Select the required probability of prediction success and watch the overall result statistics meaning the amount of successfully predicted matches and the percentage of success.

Or check the Smart Result Prediction feature which automatically filters only the matches with so far successful percentage or above per particular football league. This one was developed for those who use a strategy considering rare unsuccess.

Scored goals predictions

Are you interested in the scored goals in the football matches? Use the statistics tool Goals predictions that calculates the probability of scored goals in the upcoming matches based on the previous ones.

Experience with the tool on the Blog

The experience with the tool is summarized on the Sports Stats Blog. See the results on the previous tool features guidance.