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Football bets based on Result Predictions tool

Let’s have a look at my latest bets based on the Football Sports Stats Result Predictions tool and his a bit more bright mate, the Smart Result Predictions tool.

98% success rate of result predictions for Scotch Premiership

But first, have a look on the statistics of the Scotch Premier league.

The Scotch Premiership league seems to be a big success of Sports Stats football results prediction tool. With its 98% success rate of prediction of this league pointed correctly to 41 football matches of 42! That’s incredible!

Important fact is the level 84% of potential success of the tip was just enough to reach this unbeliavable score together with more than 40 football events.

98% result prediction success rate for Scotch Premiership league

Bets on Dundee United & Celtic Glasgow

Obviously, Scotch Premiership predictions provide quite a high probability o success with the so far data for season 2020/2021. The first bet went to recommended teams Dundee United and Celtic Glasgow with a pretty nice gain 70% of the deposit.

Scotch league bet

Other bets based on the Sports Stats result statistics

Here it is a bit mixture of other big winner leagues of Sports Stats.

  1. Croatian football league Prva HNL (Istra – Dinamo Zagreb).
  • 92% predictions success rate (11/12 matches) with the level of success probability from 86%


2. On Ajax Amsterdam against Utrecht based on great results of predictions in Holland Eredivise of 88% of predictions success rate (35 matches of 40).


3. On Zamalek against Al Ittihad Alexandria for the great success rate of predictions for Egyptian Premier League.

  • 94% prediction success rate (16/17 matches) with the level of success probability from 84%

4. Again in Scotch league, this time on Rangers Glasgow against Hamilton.

5. In Polish Ekstraklasa on Zabrze against Bielsko-Biala based on manual review of successful predictions for these teams.


6., 7. & 8. The same approach of selection for Slavia Praha against Pribram (Czech league), Lazio Rome against Cagliari, and on AC Milan against Crotone (in Italian league – Serie A).

Polish Zabrze, Egyptian Zamalek, Czech Slavia Praha and Netherlandish Ajax Amsterdam were selected as well based on recommendation using Sports Stats Smart predictions.

If I will fully follow the Sport Stats tool recommendation I would have 6 of 7 matches correct (Ajax did not play) which is not bad. I believe to be more lucky and careful about Polish league next time.

Bet on win Metz against St. Etienne

The betting odds on Metz on the level of 3.67 indicates as something smells here pretty bad and St. Etienne might more likely win this match, but after a bit of review I decided to try this bet as a standalone one.

You can see even though the result prediction probability plays here quite a lot even for a win of Metz, the overall result score of the predictions for the French Ligue 1 is not too successful (only 67% – 6/9 matches) and therefore is recommended to be careful here.

Metz La liga

Unfortunately, the betting odds reflected the team form pretty well and I lost this risky bet.

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