Helpito as an Information Service Provider

It is natural for all of us. We would like to know MORE INFORMATION. The internet world brings enormous options and information searching became, thanks to search engines like Google, quite simple and natural routine for every one of us. But is the information we daily find always useful? Have you ever thought about the advantages of using a service of Information Service Provider?

Information Service Helpito

Technologies are developing every day and perhaps an Artificially Intelligent environment everywhere around us is not that far future. On the other hand, the online and AI-controlled world has also its shade parts.

Helpito Project does not have anything common with Artificial Intelligence. Contrariwise, Helpito is built on the human natural principles, which means the Helpito application is creating a layer between unsocial so-called "social" internet world and the real world. Their goal is to humanize support, help, and information gaining on the internet. Excepting many other advantages, such answers through Helpito will be simply much more tailored like we are used to when we ask our friends, colleagues or family member who understand the topic of our question.

Helpito Application

Helpito provides a solution for an important fact. Sometimes we struggle to find the right person to ask. Technologies help to address this issue. Searching is not necessary anymore and life is going to be easier a bit more again. The hard questions you were used to search on Google for hours will take you now minutes with someone's help on the other side. But you can be the one helping as well and that's one of the basic principles of the human community.

Helpito Application Development, Testing & Early Access

Helpito application release is planned for the second quarter of this year, but the App is still in development. After it, extensive testing will follow. There might be involved the first future users interested to touch the real future product in early access.

User requests categorization

The next phase after the testing will be a pilot start for gathering specialists in particular areas. Once we will have at least several experts in a category, requests will be available for user's inquiries. This is the list of planned categories on the platform:

  • Legal & Law
  • Finance (Accounting, Economy, Investments, Trading, Sales)
  • Social Sciences (Philosophy, Psychology, Pedagogy, History, Philology)
  • Art & Design (Graphics, Architecture)
  • Foreign Languages (Grammar, Corrections, Translations, ..)
  • Marketing (Advertisement,..)
  • Management (Leadership,..)
  • IT & Technologies (Electrotechnics)
  • Construction & Architecture
  • Other Industries & Agriculture (Mining, Clothing, Transport, Food, Engineering, Handcraft, Forestry)
  • Traveling & Tourism (Transport, Accommodation, Gastronomy)
  • Fitness & Beauty (Fashion, Cosmetics, Clothing, Healthy food, Diet, Sport,..)
  • Health & Medicine (Pharmacy, Veterinary,..)
  • Nature Sciences (Ecology, Physics, Mathematics, Geology, Geography, Biology, Chemistry)

First available languages

First users will be able to use English and Czech language, but support of much more other languages is planned too. The first will probably come other european languages like French, German, Spanish and many others.

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