Altcoin season: Bitcoin Market Capitalization Dominance is dropping

No doubt about altcoin season. The Bitcoin dominance dropped from the highest value of 74% this year to only 54%. The Bitcoin dominance was at its minimum in January 2018 when touched the level of 36% and so that from the past we know altcoin season can get crazy and reach that much of the whole crypto market capitalization.

Also, we saw in past it was a big bubble inflated by the retail speculators who will start selling rapidly at some point. Therefore the winner here will be the one who will have a better strategy and sell his or her speculative assets before the others.

btc dominance dropping

Altcoins will raise rapidly (more than Bitcoin)

Bitcoin dominance support on the level of 57% has been broken at the beginning of April. Once again, this is a clear signal, WE ARE in the altcoin season meaning the altcoins will rise rapidly (more than Bitcoin). Also nevertheless on the real fundament, retail speculators just want to earn the 10x, 100x, or even more in a short period of time.

Euforia feeling is a bad sign for gains

I think we are in a phase of optimism at the moment which means everybody believes in huge gains in a short period time, the altcoins pumping and it all seems working nicely.

Later on, will come to EUFORIA. I have been in it since 2017. It is just fantastic, it is like all your dreams will be soon true. Altcoins are surging steeply without significant corrections. You do not want to leave the market, you see yourself richer and richer every day. That’s a bad sign and at that moment, you should get out of such assets quickly.

Get ready your exit strategy

All in all, get ready for your exit strategy and be prepared for a steep falling scenario. Till then, try to do some clever buys, buy the dips and make some gains you could sell at the last moment if you will catch it.

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