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TOP football leagues by success of the results predictions

Let’s have a look on the top results calculated by the Sport Stats tool. As is explain below, you will not find here a list of the leagues and its prediction percentage with zero false result, because this is done automatically.

But what can be find here are lists:

  1. Of the TOP leagues with only 1 false prediction and its probability level
  2. And a list of the TOP leagues having success rate 90% or more

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Which Service to be used for the BEST currency exchange rate?

Let’s compare the available services on the market in order to find out which one offers you the BEST exchange rates!


On the first look the best exchange rates, aren’t they? But be careful while using Revolut, the rates are not the same on weekdays as during the weekends!


TransferWise displays fees that you are going to pay while using its services which might seem terrifying, but when you compare it with the other services on the market, their fees are actually not bad at all, and displaying fees just gives you more transparency than are given by the others.


CurrencyFair exchange rates are not the best compare to the other services, but with their entry bonus, you will save a lot, so that I dare to say for a couple of your first exchange operations this might be the BEST option.

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